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wcashless for Business


If you are looking to take your Events cashless then wcashless 'for Business' is for you

Use our cashless, wristband & contactless payment solutions.
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wcashless pay with wandoOs©


Events, Cashless & Ticket Management just got easy. Enjoy contactless services

Imagine the possibility of having one provider of your Event Ticket, with the advantages of QR ticket & Guest List management, all in ONE APP & Service.

Easy set-up

Set up your Business. Create your users, Event check-in staff, Bar & Managers.

Provide the right tools to your Events & Venue staff to welcome guests efficiently and expedite their process to enjoying your Services and spend hassle free.

Event & Cashless Management tools

Have your staff use ONE set of Event & cashless system.

Scan the Event Ticket to receive your Guests, Pair Event wristbands and Receive Payments.

View & Manage balance & transactions

You are always in control. All Events information will be relayed via realtime Guest payments & balances.

Event Guest Lists in realtime or offline mode. Central system to check the health metrics of your Event/Business

At a glance

Wristband PAIR

Wristand & NFC PAY

App to pair guests to spend

Guest Pay via wristband & App

Cashless Bar & Services

Expedite Guest entry

Receive payments

Vastly reduce time in-line

Ticket Scan & Guest List

Increase Guest spend

Manage from one App & Service

Auto Top-Up service means no running out of funds at events

Integrate to

Improved user experience

Use any event ticket service. Combine with INSIDER for seamless integration

Your guests will rave about how great your services are

Central Management

As a Business/Event owner, you are in control.

Ease of re-use

It's App based so you can use any events, anywhere.

All App Based

No need for expensive No need for expensive equipment or hire.Take this solutions with you wherever you go.

wcashless &

WRISTBAND & CASHLESS Solutions for Events, Festivals & Venues....

The perfect partnership


Get your Tickets on and create the perfect partnership with wcashless, wristband & contactless payments

What are wandoOs

The future of cashless travel & events is here

We have developed a cashless payment system for travelers. You will find an increasing number of bars, restaurants, small businesses and events that are using our wcashless in their establishments.

No longer the need to transfer cash, incur credit card fees or wait in line at that ATM.

wandoOs are travel coins for cashless use. You will be issued with a wristband or  by using the wcashless Digital wallet while in attendance to one of many events we support.


All you need do, is top-up your wandoOs and enjoy your time.

Get wcashless for Business today

the complete Event Ticket & Cashless experience

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