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Our company is Velive Travel. Our mission is to help facilitate travel and special events for people network and have new knowledge and connections in the most epic places in the world. We are branding ourselves as one of top agencies in the world focused on helping connecting entrepreneurs, influencers, coaches, online investors and everyone that relies on digital and social media presence for their business goals. We are launching our first event here in Tulum. Our first day will be on May 21st in Vesica and the idea is to follow that event with a networking party at the Tekio beach club on May 22nd from 2pm until 8pm. The concept of the party will be a networking and celebration party for everyone who attended the event on May 21st and new people who would like to just come and network and meet others and have a good time. We are thinking of having a line of up 3 well known DJs in Tulum and finish the night with a fire show around 7:45pm right after sunset. We already have the contact as well to have digital bracelets that people can use for cashless contact transactions on the day of the event. So the idea is to have everyone come network, dance, have a good time and consume from Tekio as well. What we had discussed with Simone would be a 25/75 split benefit in consumption tax and we’ll be the ones organizing and promoting the entire event. This is the info and flyer for the event on May21st. I will also add what will be the concept for the separate flyer for the Tekio Party. This is our instagram handle and the website: @velivetravel



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